Walton CEO’s directives on product manufacturing, electronics business to face global challenges


Golam Murshed, managing director and chief executive officer of Walton Hi-Tech Industries PLC, has celebrated this year’s World Refrigeration Day with the members of Walton family at its headquarters in Gazipur. 

He visited different production units and observed the manufacturing process of IoT based upcoming models of premium category products and gave necessary directives to employees over electronics products manufacturing and businesses in the context of current global challenges.

On Sunday (June 26, 2022) CEO Golam Murshed first inaugurated the refrigeration day with releasing balloons at Walton headquarters and then visited various departments including Research and Innovation (R&I), Human Resources and different production plants. He gave necessary advices and directions on product manufacturing while exchanging views with Walton members.

Speaking to the Walton members, Golam Murshed said, “We are passing through tough time for Covid-19 pandemic. When the global economy is trying to recover, the crisis worsens for the geo-political issues. The prices of raw-materials and freight costs have increased in the global market and the local currency is devalued against the US dollar. The recent flood in Sylhet division has caused heavy damages that have some direct impacts on the electronics market. But we are hopeful that we will be able to overcome these adverse situations soon.”

“Manufacturing of IoT based upcoming models of premium category products are underway. We are going to surprise our customers with aristocratic products being manufactured with the latest technology and attractive designs,” he added.


Regarding the World Refrigeration Day, Walton CEO also said, “We have unavoidable responsibilities in the electronics sector. The global warming is becoming a great concern day by day. While developing a product, we definitely do that considering the environmental safety. We always prioritize ensuring environmental protection.”

Addressing the Walton members, he further said, “We should ensure a better world for the next generation and that is sustainability. We should absorb the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) because everyone of us is someway related with these goals. Dutifulness is a great virtue and our thoughts and works should be transparent and must be aligned with future. Our works should be on the basis of public welfare. We should emphasize that our works and innovation can be useful for people even after 10 to 20 years. Our products should be sustainable.”

Walton’s Chief Technical Officer Mog Yang, Senior Executive Directors Col. S M Shahadat Alam (Retd), Tanvir Rahman, Tapash Kumer Mojumder, Yusuf Ali, Mostofa Nahid Hossain, Easir Al-Imran, Nizam Uddin Mazumder, Mohasin Sarder, Mahfuzur Rahman, Tahasinul Haque and Shahinoor Sultana, Executive Director Tofail Ahmed, Shahjalal Hossain Limon, Abul Malek Shikder and Didarul Alam Khan among others also attended the program. 

In April 2018, world business leaders agreed to celebrate the World Refrigeration Day on June 26 every year. Walton is observing the day every year. This year’s Refrigeration Day theme is “Cooling Matters,” that aims to stress the importance of cooling in a wide variety of daily areas like food, data centers, medicine and air conditioning.