Walton adopts electricity saving initiative

Golam Murshed, managing director and chief executive officer of Walton Hi-Tech Industries PLC, speaks at a “Better Bangladesh Tomorrow”, a sustainable initiative by Walton, programme in Dhaka. Photo: Collected.
Walton Hi-Tech Industries PLC, an electronics and technology product manufacturer and exporter of Bangladesh, has taken an initiative to save electricity and gas in keeping with the government’s move to cut energy consumption.
The company gave directives and instructions to all of its departments and officials to take steps to address the current situation, said Golam Murshed, managing director and chief executive officer of Walton Group, in a press release on Wednesday.

“I call upon every member of the Walton family to be aware of saving electricity and energy everywhere, including at their homes and social events. Our awareness regarding electricity usage can only bring relief to other families during these hard times,” he said, adding that Walton has taken necessary steps to save electricity and energy.

Walton Research and Innovation Centre is carrying out research constantly to increase the power-saving capacity of electronics products.

It uses environment-friendly R-600a, R-410a, and R-32 refrigerants to produce refrigerators and ACs with extensive power-saving inverter technology, receiving the highest energy efficiency rating of the Bangladesh Standards and Testing Institution.

The ongoing Russia-Ukraine war and raging inflation across the world have caused a severe power and energy crunch globally, pushing the prices of fuels and commodities higher.

This prompted the government of Bangladesh to take various steps to overcome the energy crisis, including area-based load-shedding and the suspension of production at diesel-run power plants.