Message from Golam Murshed

Golam Murshed

Taking on the helm of an industry that is new, where innovation and strategic business decisions is staple, he has revolutionized the paradigm of robust business upscaling through innovative consumer facing expansions for Walton Hi-Tech Industries PLC. While ensuring the best quality products at bargainous prices for all the consumers, sustainable actions for a comprehensive upscaling of the industry in terms of footprint was never lost from focus. Across more than 40 nations where the flag of red and green is flying bright and high, the circle of sustainability through principals of institution and human behavioral actions that uplift consumer moments and empower assertive actions for positive growth within and outside the organization is the true principle of CEO Golam Morshed. With the vision of global dominance in the E&E industry, Walton is moving forward across all branches of innovation, quality and most importantly adaptive sustainability.