Major Milestones

AWARDS – Emerging CEO of the Year 2022, By Bangladesh Brand Forum
Improved Working Environment within WALTON and made WALTON as one of the most
desirable companies to the jobseekers.
Launched ‘Better Bangladesh Tomorrow’ for building a sustainable Bangladesh for the next generation
Established Flagship Talent hunt like ‘Thrive in 3’, ‘Champion of Innovation’, ‘Future Leader program’, ‘Quality Maestro’, ‘Innovation Summit’
During Covid 19 pandemic, kept the sales higher than other company with his expert
Made WALTON as one of the best brands in 2020 and 2021 and got National Awards.
Exporting products of WALTON in 48 countries and spreading the tag, “Made in Bangladesh”
Achieved highest number of individual market share in Consumer Electronics industry in Bangladesh.
Owned 3 global brands including 55 years old historical Italian Brand ACC Compressors.
Agreement on utilizing Open cell manufacturing facility in China.
Made WALTON as 2nd largest company based on capital in Stock market.