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Golam Murshed, Managing Director & AMD and Former CEO of The Refrigerator Division of Walton Hi-Tech Industries Ltd. 

I am dreaming to transform Bangladesh technologically and empower the people with cutting edge technology. Working relentlessly with Walton to metamorphose the dream into reality. with 10 years of leading industry expertise in operating leading company in domestic and International market place, I want to see Walton at a very important place in the World’s economy. 

Golam Murshed CEO

Area of Expertise

Company management 
Business Plans
Strategic Oversight 
Corporate Governance
Sales Development 
Public Relationship
Cost management
Project Management
Years Experience
Major Certifications
Awards & Recognitions
Key Achievements


AFNA Certifications
Accounting For Non Accountants (AFNA)
AFNA Certifications
Corporate Governance
Strategic planning workshop
Strategic Planning Workshop

Professional Experience

Provide visionary leadership for the sustainable growth of the company . 

Provide visionary leadership for the sustainable growth of the company . 

 Provide Visionary leadership in operating 60,000 MBDT business employing over 15000 people.
 Determine strategic direction to develop in International Business Unit (IBU)
 Lead Long Range planning to be a Top Global Brand.

 Strategic master plan 2020, to maximize the organization’s efficiency and output to create blue ocean environment in local market.
 Global strategy 2025, to be a top global brand and proficient electronics goods manufacturer by 2025
 Manage core departments along with supporting functions to ensure smooth business operation.
 Manage product portfolio and strengthen R&D to make strong technological foot print.
 Ensure growth in market share and volume as per business plan.

Worked as production In Charge for Refrigerator and AC production Unit.
 Ensure Production as per line capacity and ensure proper utilization of resources.

Personal Profile

WALTON is the largest Electrical & Electronics brand in Bangladesh leading globally. Entrepreneurial and Result-driven Managing Director, Walton Hi-tech Industries Limited, with 10 years of leading industry expertise in the domestic and international market place. Facilitator and builder of world-class technology management and product development team with a specialty in both small-scaled and scaled growth stages. Milestone of fund raising and networking skills, building a fruitful partnership with hundreds of clients and delivering multi-million BDT to the country.

Mr. Golam Murshed was a student of Mechanical Engineering at the Islamic University of Technology (IUT). He has built up his career in a selected industry with a massive target and specific goal. Prior to becoming the Managing Director of Walton Hi-Tech Industries Limited, he was the Additional Managing Director & CEO of the Refrigerator Division and before that, he was Corporate Operation Head of Walton Hi-Tech Industries Ltd., Production In charge of Walton Refrigerator as well. During this time, he has played the most vital role which creates a massive impact to make the Brand & Product as an International brand.